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10 Encounters

Variety is the Spice of Life

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Welcome to 10_encounters, a challenge/prompt community for fanfiction of the Jpop/Jrock/Kpop/Krock/Asian dramas variety based off of 10_whores (which, unfortunately, doesn't allow RPF/RPS so I thought a Jfandom equivalent might be fun). Rules are below. Make sure you read them carefully before going to the claims post as this is a bit different from other.

Community layout courtesy of thefulcrum


Want to Affiliate? Private message/email me (coiled_iris, the mod), or comment on any mod post!

1. You claim a (ONE) person. Jrocker/Johnny's boy/solo artist, WHOEVER. To avoid doubles, claims list is here.

2. There is a three month time limit only to keep your claim active. If you don't post in that time you'll lose your claim. If you claim is inactive for more than three months after you start posting and someone wants your claim, you will lose that claim. Extensions will be granted to those who request them. As long as you are posting at least once every three months, you have an unlimited amount of time to finish. We're low pressure here.

4. All East Asian music and real person entertainment (i.e., Oguri Shun, Horikita Maki, etc.) fandoms are welcome, although I expect/guess that this will be primarily Jrock on this community. Other music/drama claims will be welcome if you care to make them.

5. You may make up to 2 claims, but if you choose multiple claims, they must be from separate bands.


1. This community is called 10 Encounters because with your 1 person, you write 10 fics, each one having a different pairing. One character in your claim, 10 different pairings. Variety is the spice of life.

2. There are 3 sets of 10 themes each. You only need to choose one theme set. Hence, TEN encounters, not 30. But if you want to do 20 or 30 instead of ten, feel free (just let me know in advance so I don't close your claim down after you do 10). Themes are here.

3. All of your fics do NOT have to be romance or porn. The prompts were chosen such that you can do friendship as well. Well, some are obviously porny/romantic but there are nonromantic ones.

4. Themes/fics can be written in whatever order you choose.

5. You can’t use stories you have already written.

6. AU fics are allowed. RPs are not allowed. Co-authored fics are allowed--if you want to do all 10 with 2 authors, or just a few, that's fine, but no more than 2 authors.

7. There is no min/max length requirements for the fics. Drabbles are welcome.

8. You can choose to have each fic stand alone or turn all or some of them into multichapter fics. Or do one multichaptered fic. Whatever. Just keep in mind that each chapter has to be a different "pairing."

9. Threesomes are allowed. HOWEVER, if you do a threesome, you can't use either of those 2 people again. Example: You claimed Ruki of Gazette. You write a threesome with Ruki x Aoi x Uruha. You can't use Ruki x Aoi OR Ruki x Uruha for another prompt.

10. Please only post no more than 2 fics in one post.

11. When posting the fics, please use the form below, especially the warnings area. Also, please tag your fic with your claim (not necessarily with the pairing(s) you have in the fic)--the easiest way to do this is to post your fic and then to click on "Edit tags on your entry" and select your tag from the tag list or "Edit tags" after you return to the community home page. Some people have said that they're having problems with tagging if they write the tag in themselves (only the mod can write new tags, and I create the tag after I approve your claim).

Suggested Subject line: [Claim/Theme] Title, Pairing, x/xx (if it is a multiparter)

Chapter (only applies to multichapter fics)
Word Count: (optional)

12. If you fake-cut, you MAY NOT fake-cut to a locked post. If you want to lock your entries on your personal LJ, then you will have to post your entries here (and not fake-cut) and lock them for members only.

13. When you've completed 10 encounters, let me know in the Finished/Dropped Claims post..

Questions can be posed to the mod in any mod post or you can email/private message her. Me. Whatever.